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The internet has radically changed the way businesses advertise and reach customers. Gone are the days of expensive billboards and ads in the sports section of the local paper. These days, you can precisely target golfers that are interacting with your business through audience targeting.

Audience targeting is the practice of identifying a specific demographic and tailoring your content to that specific subset of people. These audiences are highly defined, targeted groups of people who already have a relationship with your business, such as past customers, people who have visited your website, or people who have made a purchase at the club.

This practice allows you to reach consumers interested in your golf course with relevant messaging. It also decreases the odds you’ll waste ad money on uninterested eyeballs. Instead, audience targeting will help move potential customers closer to booking tee times or purchasing services you offer.


At foreUP Marketing Services, we combine several data points based on golfers interacting with your business, and we call this your Super Audience. This audience is perfect for times when you want to gain traffic to a membership drive, event notifications, sales, and new programs.

Where to find your Super Audience:

Website Visitors

We install a Facebook Pixel on your fMS website to track the anonymous website visitors, and put them into a list available for ads.

Once the Pixel is installed, it will track:

  • 2-Day Visitors:Very recent visitors on your website
  • 30-Day Visitors:Relatively recent visitors
  • 180-Day Visitors: Longer term visitors

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re looking at a product online and you leave the page. But the next day, you’re seeing ads for the exact product you recently viewed. That’s no coincidence—it was accomplished by a Facebook Pixel.

Current Customers from Transactions at the Course

Through your instance of Cinch, anyone that has a transaction at the club and can be matched on an email address in Facebook is added to this audience.

Facebook Visitors

Anyone that has visited and interacted with your Facebook page over the last year.

Instagram Visitors

Anyone that has visited your Instagram profile in the last year.

These customers are the perfect demographic to be grouped into your Super Audience. That audience is an invaluable resource in all aspects of marketing, from day-to-day booking to huge annual promotions.

Not an fMS client? Get a demo so we can show you how we can change your course.

Mark Farrow

Mark was a golf course owner-operator, a PGA Member for 24 years, served as executive director for the Florida Golf Course Owners Association, was the Director of Acquisitions at one of the largest golf management companies, and is passionate about growing revenues through digital marketing at foreUP.

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